Scope of Work

Suspended Ceilings

A suspended ceiling comprises a metal grid system that is suspended from and below a slab or roof truss by either hangers or wires to a specified height above floor level. Lightweight panels are laid into the grid to create the ceiling. These are decorative and functional panels. The plenum is used to conceal services including wiring, air-conditioning ducts, plumbing, data and telecommunication services.

Flush Plastered Ceilings

This system is a seamless ceiling, comprising plasterboard screw fixed to a mild steel T –grid system. The entire ceiling then receives an application of finishing plaster to conceal all joins and abutments.

A moulded cornice is used to compliment the clean lines and is available in many profiles and sizes.

Nailed Ceilings

Commonly installed in residential units, plasterboard is fastened to a timber substructure and has an exposed jointing strip between panels.

Cornice is installed to the ceiling system and serves to enhance the room.


Bulkheads are used to create decorative features or to divide one ceiling system from another, emphasizing room divides.  When joining ceilings of different levels a bulkhead is installed to differentiate areas.


Bulkheads are purpose built and various construction methods are used, from prefabricated profiles to constructing in situ, similar to a drywall installation.


Drywall partitions are non-load bearing walls constructed using plasterboard and mild steel frame, using dry techniques. They are used in housing, commercial and industrial buildings. Its application is suited from simple space division to high performance walls providing fire resistance, acoustic insulation or thermal properties. It can be used to create simple structures or complex partitioning including curves.

Demountable Partitions

A steel sub-frame is positioned and formed onto which panels and framing components are clipped. This enables dismantling and repositioning of the system allowing for re-use of many of the components. Doors and windows modules are clipped to the framework allowing their re-use and providing cost savings. The cost of demountable system may be reflected as office furniture on asset register and will allow for tax benefits.


Low-level screens are available in a variety of heights. The system is best suited for open plan offices areas to create isolated workstations. They can be supplied as a solid panel or incorporate glass, be painted, upholstered or covered in wallpaper.

Toilet Cubicals

Toilet cubicles are constructed using a 16mm Melamine board and aluminum channel. Standard cubicles are white in colour but are available in a range of colours on demand. The cubicle is fitted with an indicator bolt, coat hook and a lockable toilet roll holder.

Décor and Finishings

All painting and wallpaper services are offered and attended to by our experienced teams.


We offer a wide selection of flooring solutions including carpeting, ceramic tiles and wooden laminate floors.

Our experienced and well-managed staff will ensure the correct installation of the selected finish detail.

Project Management

All projects are managed and regular communication with client is encouraged. The scope of work, variations and extra site instructions are documented and agreed on prior to their commencement. This eliminates disputes at end of the project. On completion, a full site inspection with the client is undertaken and a “Completion / Satisfaction” document is then completed as a sign off of work provided.

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  • Peace of mind


We offer a full range of services and will quote on all enquiries and requests.